Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new stock.old stock

my very first roll that i shot with my holga, a 120mm b/w film.
once again procrastination at college..

another thing, help me to help these people bring back polaroid film.



mike said...

guy! damn these came out nice :)
where are my scans at? hahaha
hows the project going?
working out?

Roxanne said...


i love these.
the first one looks like the dog is frozen in an ice cube.

tom and johno said...

thank you.
haha yeah it is working out.. thankfully.
im going to have to give you them scans on disk or something? i cant email them..

the dog does look frozen!
frozen in time.

Michael french said...

hey tom , thanks. Pretty well every shot on there is from my Mamiya TLR, i took its picture, the header on my blog. other than that its holga stuff and digi if its a job. i like your defrosting dog. peace