Saturday, January 31, 2009


ive hit a hundred posts and still going strong.
some more 35mm from my holga.
first image is my favourite.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i am.

more from an old film.
the tree of wisdom and my mother.


we consume. they consume.

if you look carefully the first image is of my best freind roxanne.
shes cool.
she also has a blog.
check it out.


glaring collage and the appropriation of poundstrecher trash culture.

the last two of my taken polaroids so far..


return voyage.

i finally scanned my 35mm holga film, after struggling with finding a scanning tray to fit the film, i got it done.
not very very well though..

first image is if my little cousin, anna.

second image is a magical secret road, with a river, called coldstream.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

i liked that bare knuckle, skin-of-your-teeth sound.

another one of my polaroids i shot with one of my best friends/designer/photographer/illustrator.
he took me to this spot, an underground parking lot, which he has shot before with his trip.
his came out way better than mine...
the man behind this idea is:

michael tymbios

check his amazing work out at:

high art/low life


tilt-shift miniature faking

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

video found on design extraordinaire's web page samuel kamffer

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

know no borders.

a repeat of the previous images.
tried to print a few.
pretty average.
i also printed a b/w image from a colour film that i shot with my holga(first image), quite interesting.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the void.

Evil S I yes to find a shore,
A beach that doesn't quiver anymore,
Where we can crush some plants to paint my walls,
And I won't try to fight in the weekend wars
Was I? I was to lazy to bathe
Or paint or write or try to make a change.
Now I can shoot a gun to kill my lunch
And I don't have to love or think too much

Instant battle plans written on the sidewalk
Mental mystics in a twisted metal car
Tried to amplify the sound of light and love

Christ is cursed of faders and maders
Might even take a knife to split a hair
Or even scare the children off my lawn
Giving us time to make the makeshift bombs
Every mess invested was a score
We couldn't use computers anymore
It's difficult to win unless you're bored,
And you might have to plan for the weekend wars

Try to break my heart I'll drive to Arizona.
It might take 100 years to grow an arm
I'll sit and listen to the sound of sand and cold
Twisted diamond heart, I'm the weekend warrior
My predictions are the only things I have
I can amplify the sound and light and love

I'm a curse and i'm a sound,
When I open up my mouth,
There's a reason I don't win,
I don't know how to begin

mgmt - weekend wars


socks and hate crimes.


some of the contact print i made.
i hope to scan the film soon and put up some real images.
just a sneak peek i guess.


the eyes become a vibrant canvas.

another picture from the holga reel.

natures valley beauty and my parents.


Monday, January 19, 2009

the thoughts that never escape.

i developed my first b/w 120 film from my holga, today.
it was fun, brought back memories of 1st year..
the struggles of the darkroom!

anyway heres a shot that came out quite nicely..

the ones that stay inside.
the ones that could have been great things.
the thoughts that could have changed the world.
inspirational thoughts.
life changing mind sparks.
ones that are kept dark,
only for you to keep,
only for you to enjoy.
the ones that could have created conversation
with the king.
the ones that could have stopped a war.
stand up.
let your thoughts escape.

words once again by my co-pilot: johno


stranded and alone

a great wall wont change a thing.

an empire wont serve a king.

a golden bridge wont stop the flooding,

because the apple will still fall.

words by: johno

this pic
to a special
person in my life.

she knows who she is.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

little vagabond

a little orniment i have on the dashboard of my vehicle aka shadowfax.

it keeps me company on the long road.


hold on now, youngster...

im back!
and with lots to share.
i had a super ultra rad holiday, its was genuinely a fun one.
been taking so many photos!
many yet to be developed which is going to take some time as it costs quite a bit and im short on cash.
i have also been indulging in polaroiding, as seen by this new image.

it was taken at firgrove station and i was told by a security guard, (who i also took a photo of, coming soon...) that it is a very unsafe place.
that many people accessing this bridge has been stabbed and robbed of their belongings.
its sad that people get that desperate to have to kill in order to live.
so if you happen to be at firgrove station at dusk, do not cross this bridge.

the next post will be jollier, i promise.