Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Summer is here!

Im happy to be experiencing it here in Cape Town where its sunny and warm.

Long days on the beach, with a cold beer in the hand after an icy swim in the ocean.
Deep forest walks, floating around like a leaf in the wind.
Long drives from coast to coast in search of waves, in search of paradise.
Watching the sun set over the city on one of those warm evenings with my favourite person.

Enjoy it!

In bloom

set sail

A beautiful old building near the harbour.

hail in summer

On Sunday the 13th of November, which should be the beginning stages of summer here, 
a very sudden and rather large storm hit us.
With heavy rain, strong winds and copious amounts of hail stones!
And to top it off it was snowing on the mountains in Stellenbosch..
Unbelievable, hey!

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