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friday fuse N˚13

Featuring the lovely lady Jani Steyn


I'm currently exhibiting through B.Fam, at a really good diner styled restaurant called Royale Eatery.

So if you are around Long Street pop in and have a look!

I recommend having a Sweet Petunia burger and a Whole-nut & Nutticrust shake!


city lights

Thursday, February 16, 2012


More experimental shots with a telephoto lens.


Inspired by a reflection Mike, Kate and I saw on Glen beach one lovely, wind still evening.


I apologise for the lack of posts of late, I have been very busy!
But there are new photo's lined up for your viewing pleasure

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first born unicorn

A very lovely friend of mine Kerri also has a passion for film photography.
This is a header I designed for her blog.
She takes some great photo's!

Waters Edge

Because of my love for water and the influence of my dad being a keen bodysurfer, I decided to start a body surf club. 
Its still in the beginning stages but I got together a group of guys and I'm adamant on making it legit.
We want to do t-shirts, retro swim caps, hand boards and eventually organise a contest or two. 
Watch this space!

From La Jolla’s infamous Boomers to San Diego’s best closeout at Coronado’s North Beach

glowing gems

These three shots are gem views I get to see everyday from my balcony.

N˚1 :: Oranjezigt
A shot I've been trying to get for a very long time, and was only able to now with the Telelphoto lens.


N˚2 :: The National Museum & City Gardens
A scene I only really noticed since having the ability to zoom in so tightly, but now my favourite thing to look at.


N˚3 :: Signal Hill
A shot taken by the love of my life, Ashleigh. My skills seem to have rubbed off on her.

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another saturday fuse

yet another saturday fuse..
 being back at a 9 to 5 means less time to do personal stuff.


friday fuse N˚11