Friday, October 8, 2010


I am very very pleased to announce that i have 100 followers! whooo hoo! Thank you all for taking the time out to look at my photographs, i really appreciate the support.
I thought i would do something cool as i do not have any new photos to put up.
I was inspired by THINGS I LIKE NOW from MISS MOSS, its a really rad idea.

Here's mine: (click to enlarge)

1. Sailor Roman tattoo illustrations. He has this vintage look to his drawings which is really cool, but i just love his illustration style.

2. Wild Nothing.
Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia born Jack Tatum, whose music is the product of an unhealthy obsession with nostalgia. Equal parts teenage wasteland and inexplicable regret, his songs are the kind that could only be made by the young at heart. Unlike the current herd of one-man bedroom bands, Tatum creates complex textural environments that aim for something higher. Melodies that yearn to stay with you. Warped interpretations of Johnny Marr’s guitar work and The Cure’s careful synth arrangements. Dreamy, catchy, and intriguing. Here’s to youth!
Im really looking forward to long summer days, sitting around with friends, a beer in my hand, listening to them, along with all the other surfy tunes..

3. Horses. My sisters and i had a horse about 16 years ago, its name was Lolla, i dont have many memories of her but i do remember being very sad when we had to let her go. I hope to one day own a horse of my own to take for rides into the mountains and on long stretches of beach. They such majestic creatures. Pure power.

4. Saturdays Surf NYC. A really cool surf culture store in New York that has a nice clean identity with a rad look and feel. I really enjoy looking at their blog. Some great photos and videos on there.

5. Lina Scheynius.
Definitely one of my all time favourite photographers. I love how honest and intimate her work is. A true inspiration.

6. Old Ford Trucks. I want one of these so badly! Ever since i got my drivers license I've been looking around for a truck that looks exactly like this. One day...

7. Minolta Dx7. I was using my fathers Minolta Dx5 which broke and the repair guy i took it to sold me this bad boy, which is almost exactly the same camera and in perfect condition. Without it i would be a very sad man.

8. Genuine quality mens apparel. Well manufactured shirts, shorts, trousers, coats, shoes & bags are hard to find here in South Africa, but when you do its like finding a hidden treasure.

9. Clean, simple, one colour logos. I dont think this interests most people, but i love the new logos that are being created lately. Clean modern design with a vintage touch.

10. Wes Anderson. My favourite director of all time purely because of his way of seeing scenes, direct on and symmetrical shots give such a unique and interesting feel. Also the colours and creative direction is so honest. Every film he makes is awesome.


mathew said...

cool ten man!

very apt day for a post of ten...

Diana said...

now you have 101 followers.


tom said...

sweet! thank you miss :)

Jefferson said...

this is great! and so is lina scheynius.

tom said...

why thank you! agreed..