Tuesday, November 15, 2011


On the way to Heidelberg for my birthday celebration.

Post Halloween::Birthday poem
The night was pierced by the sounds of screams
Awaking those that dwell only in dreams
It was a week before the Hallows Eve games
But the cemetery shook almost all the same
And a baby was born that night they said
While witches brewed and rose the dead
Preparing for a night to scare all living things
With what sings and swings and stings and lingers on
Long after Halloween has gone.

Hinx Minx, the wicked old witch winks
For it’s been twenty-three years since then, she thinks.
So bring the skeletons out tonight
They’ll march and stay away from light
Their boney hands will hold you tight
Looking for the boy who was born from fright
To crown him the king of the night

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