Thursday, February 9, 2012

glowing gems

These three shots are gem views I get to see everyday from my balcony.

N˚1 :: Oranjezigt
A shot I've been trying to get for a very long time, and was only able to now with the Telelphoto lens.


N˚2 :: The National Museum & City Gardens
A scene I only really noticed since having the ability to zoom in so tightly, but now my favourite thing to look at.


N˚3 :: Signal Hill
A shot taken by the love of my life, Ashleigh. My skills seem to have rubbed off on her.


kerri von geusau said...

these are fantastic. first one = best.

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful view to wake up to every day. really priceless.

tom said...

I know. I am very blessed