Friday, May 18, 2012

The house on the beach

I have such a fascination with this house on Glen Beach.
Who built it, who owns it and who lived/lives in it?

It seems to me like a family of squatters have moved into this inhabited (boarded up) house
but maybe they are the owners and can't afford to fix it up?

If anyone has any info, I would love to know!


mallix said...

I've had a couple of parties in this house when friends were house sitting it around 2004. It's beautiful, was built to look like a combination of a bank and a theatre. It has the most AMAZING bathroom that looks like a greenhouse, with a shower in the middle, all open, so the spray goes everywhere - it's like a jungle wet-room...

Anonymous said...

I think the architect was Peter Am.

george hay said...

Anyone know anything more, now that it is two years later? I will offer R1000 to buy it as is, voetstoets.