Saturday, January 17, 2009

hold on now, youngster...

im back!
and with lots to share.
i had a super ultra rad holiday, its was genuinely a fun one.
been taking so many photos!
many yet to be developed which is going to take some time as it costs quite a bit and im short on cash.
i have also been indulging in polaroiding, as seen by this new image.

it was taken at firgrove station and i was told by a security guard, (who i also took a photo of, coming soon...) that it is a very unsafe place.
that many people accessing this bridge has been stabbed and robbed of their belongings.
its sad that people get that desperate to have to kill in order to live.
so if you happen to be at firgrove station at dusk, do not cross this bridge.

the next post will be jollier, i promise.


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