Tuesday, September 30, 2008


fun at roxy's house

three posts in one day.

golly gosh.

i am now on holiday.

the past weekend i went to arniston and went on an adventure with leroy and noah my beloved cameras.
it was exciting!
i got myself in to some seriously tight situations, but survived.
waded through knee deep rough waters in search of a cave.
in a cave surrounded by the sea with the tide rising
and no way out other than to climb some sharp rock faces.
doing all this barefoot.
it was a great experience.

photos will be added shortly.



Roxanne said...

I like this whole post.
The hand.

The words.

Luca Vincenzo said...

aWord gangsters.

Dig the vibe here.

Mail me regarding doing designs for a magazine. Find my email address in my profile.


mike said...

nice one guy! love your photos! amped to see the cave ones!