Sunday, October 5, 2008

stage fright

i been away for a while , seem to always come back unhealthy, im blaming it on the goood buzz on times. well ive got a sty on my eyelid a sore back and semi balding hair. the strain of age.

been in richardsbayisthefilthiestholeintheworld .

i like this picture found it.

reflects my "aura" at the moment


tom and johno said...

hey johno you cant use other people's photo's.
where you get that from guy?
pretty sick though, im not gonna lie.

tom and johno said... some top notch photos man...

Luca Vincenzo said...


So who are you two?

And what were you doing in richardsbayisthefilthiestplace?

I grew up there.

tom and johno said...


we are friends.

we bodyboard.

i like to take photos and design stuff.

johno was in richardsbayisthefilthiestplace for sa bodyboarding champs. haha.