Sunday, October 19, 2008

scratches and nibbles.

i know I've posted many posts..

but i got a puppy!

name: Levi (not very interesting i know. family decision.)
age: +- 9 weeks
breed: black labrador cross staffie cross ridge back.

super excited.

its my very own little rascal.
he eats just about anything and everything he can find.

he loves chewing snails, flowers, grass, bones, leaves, bird poo and most of all me.(my hands. arms. feet. legs. and when he gets to it, the hair on my head.)

so im full of scars and im loving it.

just like a real baby he has been waking us up at early hours of the morning just for a little bit of attention and company.
so every now and then you will see me at 3 in the morning sitting on the kitchen floor stroking the crying baby to sleep.

believe me its all worth it.



mike said...

aw! no way! labrador! im going to have to come over and see levi, he looks sooo cute!! dang, im jealous :)
nice one on the poster guy, would love to see it in print

Roxanne said...

dang, he sounds like fun.
and im not a doglover, but this ones a cutie.

to me he's Leroy.